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Lab Alumni Around the Globe

Lab Alumni


Jenna Barnes

Jenna is attending the University of South Florida to obtain a doctorate in School Psychology.

"I am so thankful for everything I have learned and everyone I had the chance to work with during my time as a research assistant and lab manager. During my time in the lab, I received incredible support and mentorship and was able to truly grow as a researcher and leader. I am forever grateful for my experiences with the LADR Group!"


Ali Benda

Ali is attending Northern Illinois University to obtain a specialist degree in School Psychology.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as an RA in the lab the past few years! I have had the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally throughout my involvement in lab projects. Through the kindness and support of everyone involved, I have been able to achieve more than I ever thought possible in my undergraduate career including UCARE, a thesis, the Wolfe award, and graduating with High Distinction."

Headshot - Karly Boehm_edited_edited.jpg

Karly Boehm

Karly is attending the Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program at UNMC starting Fall 2022.


"I have enjoyed getting to know other students with various backgrounds, passions, and interests. I have learned a wealth of knowledge about sound research practices and the coding process."

E11470DD-293D-40B7-A378-5CE5BCBD23EE - Nicole Borcyk_edited_edited.jpg

Nicole Borcyk

Nicole is attending Colorado State University to obtain her doctorate in occupation therapy.

"I have gotten to work with so many intelligent and ambitious undergrads and grad students and have learned valuable research-related skills. I am so grateful for the mentorship and support I have received because of the LADR lab."

A06F5531-22E9-4CBB-A246-3DBD03D394B8 - Peyton Geiser.jpeg

Peyton Geiser

Peyton is now working as a Youth Treatment Specialist in the Extended Day Treatment Program at Hopespoke. She plans on applying to Ph.D. Programs in the fall of 2022 for Clinical Psychology.

"I’ve enjoyed getting to learn about the research process and conducting research as an RA. I have also made so many amazing connections with other people working in the lab!"


Amyia Harris

Amyia is currently a Texas A&M Counseling Psychology Doctoral Candidate.

"The Learning and Development Research Group was one of the most impactful parts of my undergraduate experience. Belonging to this group has not only developed me as a researcher but as an individual as well. I would not have the same number of tools and knowledge I currently do without the help of the fantastic director, graduate student(s), and fellow undergraduate research assistants."

IMG_6193 - Alysha Henrichs.jpg

Alysha Henrichs

Alysha is going to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to earn a masters in speech-language pathology. Afterwards, she hopes to practice in a school or medical setting.

"Working in the LADR lab gave me the experience and familiarity to be confident when I encountered research in my major-related classes. On the independent project I collaborated with another research assistant who was majoring in pre-OT, and this allowed me to develop interprofessional practice skills that I will utilize in my future profession."


Rachelle Johnson

Rachelle (she/her) is currently a Ph.D. student in developmental psychology at Florida State University. She researches individual differences in the role psychological factors, such as motivation, play in the reading development of those with learning disabilities. 


“LADR is where I fell in love with research and realized that’s what I wanted to do in my life. A big impact LADR had on me was how I was encouraged and shown how I myself could be a researcher and thus able to see myself in a position of being one of those creating new knowledge in the world. Today I take what I gained in LADR forward as I work towards having a research career of my own.”

Olivia Bio Pic_edited.png

Olivia Maras

Olivia is a Developmental Psychology PhD student at Arizona State University. Olivia is interested in studying peer, romantic, and familial relationships, and how these relationships influence healthy development. Additionally, she is interested in the intersection of technology and relationships, as well as preventing digital dating abuse within adolescents.

"The support I gained from the LADR group was instrumental in my decision to pursue a degree in developmental psychology, as well as enhance my appreciation for research! The research being done in the LADR group on self-regulation and motivation is incredibly innovative and exciting. I am so thankful to the LADR lab for the rich experiences I gained as a research assistant!"


Carsyn Poppe

Carsyn is a current Ph.D. student in the School Psychology program at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Her current research interests include early behavioral intervention strategies and interventions to promote prosocial behaviors.


Carsyn says the LADR lab was a great experience that allowed her to both work with children in a research environment and prepare her for graduate-level work in the field of psychology.


Sophia Lanphier

After graduating from UNL, Sophia decided to pursue opportunities in teaching English overseas. She is currently teaching in Busan, South Korea. Sophia hopes to later earn a graduate-level degree that involves her passions for international education and personal development.

"My time with LADR was definitely a highlight of my years at UNL. I met kind, ambitious, and talented people that helped me grow as a student, researcher, and individual. I am incredibly grateful for everything I learned from my time as a research assistant with LADR!"


Vivian Nguyen

Vivian is in her first year at the University of Nebraska-Omaha in the M.S. Clinical Mental Health Program. She is also a Graduate Assistant with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Nebraska College Preparatory Academy (NCPA) working directly with Omaha North and South High School.

"What drew me to the LADR Group was the opportunity to learn and cultivate research skills. This research lab allowed me to gain experience in conducting literature reviews, coding, data entry, and ethical research practice. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to work with this research lab as a research assistant!"


IMG_1047 (1).jpeg

Duncan Works

Duncan is attending medical school at the University of Nebraska - Medical Center located in Omaha.

"I really enjoyed the people that I worked with. The environment in the lab is so supportive and understanding. I learned how to manage my time in the lab and also how psychology/in person research studies works."


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