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Undergraduate Students

The LADR group frequently hires motivated undergraduates to serve as volunteer research assistants (RAs).  Undergraduate RAs have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the research process including literature reviews, data collection, data entry, analysis, presentation at conferences, and involvement in the writing of academic publications. RAs will be assigned to tasks and projects based on the current needs of the lab, their skills, and their interests.

We do not have any paid undergraduate RA positions available. Therefore, undergraduates can volunteer as unpaid RAs, work for independent course credit (PSYC 299/499), or apply for UCARE. We also welcome undergraduates who would like to work on an honors project during their senior year. 

We are not currently hiring undergraduate RAs at this time.

Doctoral Students

Dr. Finch is accepting applications for doctoral students to begin in Fall of 2024. Graduate students are admitted to the Developmental Psychology Program. Ideal candidates are those who have prior research experience and are interested in applied research focused on the development of children's executive functions.


Please reach out to Dr. Finch ahead of submitting your application via email ( to learn more about what the lab is currently focused on and to ensure that you are a good fit for the program.

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