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We are recruiting for our SMILE Study! 

Do you have a child currently in second grade (2020-2021 school year)?

If so, you are eligible to participate in the Self-regulation and Motivation in Learning Environments (SMILE) study! Our study focuses on the development of children's self-regulation skills and motivation during the elementary school years.

What would you do in the study?

​There are two parts to this study:

  1. A visit to our research lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's city campus during Spring or Summer 2021 (2-2.5 hours, compensation is $70). At this visit, you and your child will independently:

    • Play tablet games and puzzles

    • Complete assessments of self-regulation and problem solving

    • Fill out parent and child questionnaires about your family

  2. An online survey to learn about your family's experiences during the pandemic (60-75 minutes, compensation is $45)

Who is eligible?

  • English-speaking children who are currently in second grade (during the 2020-2021 school year) and a parent/guardian.

  • Must be willing to drive to the UNL city campus in Lincoln, NE for a visit to the lab. 

In appreciation for your time, you will receive a total of $115 for participating in both parts of the study and your child will receive a gift!


To sign up for our study, please complete the following form. After completing the form, you will be taken to our scheduling website to book your in-lab appointment. 

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